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Looking for a specific application?
We manufacture and sell various licensed products for special screw connections.

Taptite® Pro/2000

Advantages compared to the thread-forming screw according to DIN 7500-1 through Taptite® 2000 and Pro

  • Simple assembly — low contact pressure required to form the thread, ergonomic working — is guaranteed by a special furrow zone shape
  • Use in different materials, pre-hole types and extruded pre-holes possible
  • No additional cleaning required — forms threads in painted and contaminated pilot holes
  • Quality — the screws are manufactured according to strict standards and the quality is continuously checked


Advantages over a normal metric screw:

  • No need for patch lock applications.
  • It is secured over the entire length of the screw.
  • The fuse is not affected by the temperature.
  • No curing time of the adhesive; Immediate backup.
  • No securing elements such as lock washers are required under the head.
  • Work with all surfaces.
  • Easy to remove by hand.
  • Resistant to cross-threading


Advantages over screws with a flank angle of 60°

Due to the flank angle of 30 ° and the rounded tip on the outer diameter, target-oriented results such as:

  • reduction in the relaxation behavior of the plastic.
  • High self-locking against loosening of the screw connection
  • Reduction of a loss of pre-tensioning force in the screw connection through c and d
  • High resistance to tearing and thread stripping on the formed thread in the counterpart
  • Low risk of tube bursting
  • Repeat screw connections are possible

Thanks to many years of further development of the Remform screw, it can be used for plastics, light metals or die-cast parts

What are MAThread ® and MATpoint ®?

MAThread® and MATpoint® are patented thread designs that can be used for all external thread screws, bolts or other threaded products. They can currently be found on more than three thousand different fasteners in high-volume production facilities around the world.

  • Our self-correcting design makes thread damage or seizure impossible
  • Don't be afraid of damaging fasteners or parts
  • No more destroyed screws or damaged components means reduced costs
  • Can be customized according to customer requirements

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