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Optical and mechanical measuring systems

With our high-performance sorting systems, we check your fasteners in every imaginable way.
In doing so, we draw on the expertise of Vester / Kistler , with whom we have been developing and using sorting systems for more than 30 years. We also rely on systems from LAW-NDT . Recently, CCM has also been our partner for sorting technology.

Plants and equipment

Vester / Kistler: V-rail, prism rail and glass plate systems for lying or standing items
LAW-NDT: Plate systems for hanging items
CCM: Plate systems for hanging items
Salveter: Roller test machines

Part range

  • screws
  • Bolt
  • Rivet
  • nuts
  • pods
  • sockets
  • Hollow parts
  • Slices
  • Scope of testing

  • Dimensions
  • Angle
  • Radii
  • Internal and external thread
  • In-depth testing of drives
  • diameter
  • Special features

  • Various shape and position tolerances such as concentricity, angularity, parallelism and much more.
  • Drives from screws
  • Outer surfaces
  • Surface structures
  • Head crack test
  • Bonded parts, especially panes
  • 360 ° inspection to detect local defects
  • Do you have requirements that are not already listed in our range of tests or parts?
    Feel free to contact us, we will advise you on your requirements.

    We look forward to your message.